Today, the new Bullet Journal packs (by The Flower Journal) have arrived to our store! We have prepared for you an introduction to the Bullet Jornals and a short tutorial!

Bullet Journal is a blank notebook used as an organizer and to plan events. The diference between this and a common agenda is that the first one doesnt have a templete or planified desing. We are the ones who decide what we write in there and how using our creativity. Its basic pillars are:

  • An Index
  • A future log or quick view of the upcoming events
  • A monthly log
  • A daily log
  • The collections: lists or topics you might include the way it suits you the best

Starting materials:

  • A blank notebook (like Talens Bloc TAC)
  • Markers (likeTombow) of diferent colours
  • Pens, pencils and eraser
  • Color tapes
  • Or the BULLET JOURNAL PACK (By The Flower Journal) avaiable in our store

Let’s get started:

Key symbols: One of the basics of the Bullet Journal is the use of easy symbol for tasks, completed events, etc. You may create a Key symbol index to remember why is each one used for.

Index: The very first pages of the Jornal are used as an Index so you can find easly the page you want. Some people put this page before the symbols index.

Future Log: Usually, up to two pages are used as a one-year calendar. You may use this pages to write down the future planned events like brithdays, vacations, free days, festivities…

Monthly Log: It can be drawn in a block format or in lists where you can write the daily tasks. Usually, each month takes 1 page but the next 3-4 pages are used for notes, ideas, brainstormings, etc.

Daily Log: A single page or two at the most. It is the place to write down every important thing you do each day. You must use short sentences and symbols. Also you can write it as a list or schedule.

Collections: also called inspirational pages. You may add here everything you want: lists, sketches, reflextions and thoughts, hobbies you want to take up, family presents, oportunities… use your imagination!

This was or introduction to the Bullet journals. You may find more information at  The Flower Journal. If you feel like doing one, do not forget in our store you will find all the materials you need. Also, the new  Bullet Journal Packs (by The Flower Journal) are available for only 29€. They incluse: blank notebook, pens, markers, washi tapes and a “How to do it” booklet.