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¡JAVIER! book publication

This weekend has been put out the book  ¡JAVIER! by Juan M. Gienini Confalonieri, whose cover and interior logo has been designed by ICRA. It is available in eBook and soft cover. The autor focuses on a 80’s Buenos Aires where two friends promise each other a for-life loyalty. Soon the artificial intelligence company Angelus shows up, as well[…]

Publication of Osonachelus decorata paper and illustration

After a long time, today has finally seen the light the paper “Consolidated phalangeal fracture in the Eocene sea turtle Osonachelus decorata from Vic (Catalonia, NE Spain)” in the BATALLERIA magazine. The authors are Albert  MARTINEZ-SILVESTRE, Francesc FARRES, Antoni  ADELL , Judit VILA i Agnès AMBLAS.  The article describes the left hind-limb pathology of the marine[…]

The Bullet Journal (by The Flower Journal)

Today, the new Bullet Journal packs (by The Flower Journal) have arrived to our store! We have prepared for you an introduction to the Bullet Jornals and a short tutorial! A Bullet Journal is a blank notebook used as an organizer and to plan events. The diference between this and a common agenda is that the first one[…]

BalKeuni, Amusic and the Phiale of the Wolf: the game

Today, coinciding with the Iberian Weekend, CUBUS GAMES is launching the videogame Balkeuni, Amusic and the Phiale of the Wolf. It is a game meant for children between 7 and 12 years old and it may be played in two teams.  The puzzles of the game are focused on the Iberian culture and its misterious[…]