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Exhibition ART de la NATURA

This week we are opeing to the public the new art exhibition: ART de la NATURA (Art from Nature). It is a selection of scientific illustration and vintage paintings, all of them with  Nature as a topic: seas, fruits, insectes, birds… all of them are watcolours on paper. The artists, this time, are none other[…]

Publication of Manual d’Il·lustraciència

This past week has been launchd the new book of  Il·lustraciència called “Manual de ilustración científica”, the first one in Spanish language. In ICRA we have illustrated the last chapter called “Professionalization” with a wallcreeper. Here we attach the drawing:   The book may be purchased on bookstores and also in the Il·lustraciència’s website:, Casa[…]


In September 30th we are celebrating the opening of Provi Daufí and MªDolors López’s art exhibition! The art pieces show us the high contrast between the slow oil paintings of Provi and the fast urban sketching of MªDolors. Two diferent kinds of paintings but very impressive, that they mostly show us landscapes and bucholic scenes.[…]

Exhibition DISTORSIONAL (Judit Rifà)

During the months of July and August, Judit Rifà has come back with more of her colorful paitings. Her artworks is made in watercolors, pastels and acrylics and is usually small-medium sized. Its depicts lots of themes, from the most figurative to the most abstact and symbolic. We encourage you to come and check them[…]