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Take a look at our workshop and our store. You will find drawings, paintings, sculptures, maybe some bones or books being restored… and a place full of FIne Arts material. Because our goal is to bring Art closer to people.



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Exhibition RETRATS (Judit Ferrer)

This saturday November 2nd at 12pm we invite you to join us at the very first ICRA’s exhibition dedicated to the portraits. Judit Ferrer draws awesome black and white portraits, some of them with a touch of color, but each of them plenty of realism. The entrance is free! If you come this weekend, you[…]

Il·lustradors de la Ciència: Science week 2019

This year we are celebrating the Science Week with “Il·lustradors de la Ciència”, a collaborative art exhibition with UVic-UCC, located in Casa de la Convalescència (city of Vic). The aim of Il·lustradors de la Ciència, which means “Science illustrators” in English, is to bring the scientific illustrarion closer to people. In there, we will show you works[…]

Course: dry & wet (watercolor, ink and wax crayons)

Courses are only given in catalan or spanish. If you wish to continue, you can check all the information at the Catalan/Spanish blog entries. Sorry for the inconvenience.    

Exhibition FLORIDA (Agnès Vinyeta)

This september, new art exhibitions are comming! This time the artist Agnès Vinyeta opens the season with her fresh and natural style paintings. The opening of the exhibition will be Tuesday 5th, september, at 18.30h. The entrance is free, as always! You all are invited!