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BalKeuni, Amusic and the Phiale of the Wolf: the game

Today, coinciding with the Iberian Weekend, CUBUS GAMES is launching the videogame Balkeuni, Amusic and the Phiale of the Wolf. It is a game meant for children between 7 and 12 years old and it may be played in two teams.  The puzzles of the game are focused on the Iberian culture and its misterious[…]

Publication of the article and the illustration of Coll de Nargó’s sebecid

Today Scientific Reports and many other mass media have published the article of Albert G. Sellés (Catalan Institute of Paleontology), investigation leader of “A small Cretaceous crocodyliform in a dinosaur nesting ground and the origin of sebecids” (Scientific Reports volume 10, Article number: 15293 (2020) ). The article describes the new species  Ogresuchus furatus (in english “the ogre-crocodile that went stolen”) and it[…]

Virtual Art Exhibition Dúnia Vera

  Due to COVID-19  we had to close the acces in part of our store and the art exhibition’s room. However, it does not mean we cannot do more arte exhibitions! Today we would like to present the VIRTUAL exhibition of Dúnia Vera, a great artist from our country. In the video, which is uploaded[…]

Exhibition DÚNIA VERA

New month and new exhibition! This time is Dúnia Vera’s turn, a painter and also an interiorist. Her paintings come in all kinds of sizes and show a lot of emotions, colors and volumes. Tomorrow, saturday 7th at 12 o’clock, we are doing the opening! I you come, you will be able to meet the[…]