Good morning everyone!

We are posting this as a result of the NEW WAY that our bussiness has taken since July 1rst.

ICRA Art’s Store, where you could buy Fine Arts materials, is now closed but has opened its doors as a whole  WORKSHOP! You may find it at the same place the store was: Rambla Sant Domènec, 22 (Vic), under the same name.

From now on, in our WORKSHOP we are going to do the same tasks we did before: historical restorations (paintings, books, documents…), pets and/or people portraits in many different techinques, customized paintings, sculpture, framing, etc. However, we won’t sell Fine Arts materials, neither offer art lessons nor photocopies.

It’s been a very difficult decision to take, but the amount of tasks we had in our workshop made us decide to upgrade it. We hope you understand and please, accept our appologies for the inconvenience. ICRA Art is evolving and so are we!

We are very grateful for this 6 years you have been supporting us. Now that ICRA has taken this new way as a whole workshop, we are sure you will keep supporting us for many years!


Yours sincerely,

ICRA Art Team