Today, coinciding with the Iberian Weekend, CUBUS GAMES is launching the videogame Balkeuni, Amusic and the Phiale of the Wolf. It is a game meant for children between 7 and 12 years old and it may be played in two teams.  The puzzles of the game are focused on the Iberian culture and its misterious writting, its technology, its traditions… so the children may play while they learn history!

The game has been developed by CUBUS games with ICRA Art illustrations, to promote La Ruta dels Ibers, the museus and the archaeological sites.

You may read the full description at La Ruta dels Ibers web page (only available in catalan at the moment):

You can also play the game directly following this link:

We are really looking forward to getting your feedback! We hope you have a great time with Balkeuni and her brother Amusic! Good luck!