Yesterday afternoon we presented the Vic Limited Edition campaign in Vic’s ETC space, together with Toni Brachs, the President of Vic Comerç and Muntsa Vilalta, General Director of Commerce of  Generalitat de Catalunya. Vic Edició Limitada (in catalan)  is a campaign where merchants choose a product they want to show from their store (for notoriety, exclusivity or temporality) and ICRA turn these products into artistic paintings that simulate pictures of a museum, “a museum at open air“. These pictures will be hung on the store windows of each shop. Apart from decorating the showcase to integrate the painting (complementing it with the real product they present), merchants will create an experience inside the establishment: a decorated corner, demonstrations, tastings, etc.

Vic Comerç will record a report of the entire campaign and break it into personalized pills of 15/20 seconds for each store that will be delivered to share it on their social networks, encouraging it to be a viral campaign and under the hasthtag # vicediciólimitada . The goal of the campaign is to provide the stores of Vic with a different content from the usual one, that announces exclusive, selected or seasonal products and that leads to incentivize sales or to show the customer  unknown products. A total of 70 stores are participating in this first edition of the campaign. It will begin this Thursday, May 23rd and end on June 6th. Let’s go # VICEDITIÓLIMITADA!

You can take a look a the presentation video, recorded by  TvBagué:

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