This year we are celebrating the Science Week with “Il·lustradors de la Ciència”, a collaborative art exhibition with UVic-UCC, located in Casa de la Convalescència (city of Vic).

The aim of Il·lustradors de la Ciència, which means “Science illustrators” in English, is to bring the scientific illustrarion closer to people. In there, we will show you works in progress and some examples of many autors (Roc Olivé, Sergi Torné, Óscar Sanisidro and Aina i Agnès Amblàs from ICRA). Some of the pices you are going to admire are inedit, for example Roc’s avifauna reconstructions or ICRA’s Aquilarhinus work progress.

If you click HERE  you will find all the information you need to visit the exhibition. And… you know! As in all of our exhibitions, you can visit it for FREE!