More services

Would you like to present a drawing, painting or photography exhibition? Are you looking for a place to do a conference? Do you want to perform some music or theatre?  At ICRA we have one room and one courtyard for you!
  • Galeria exposicions d'art

    Art Gallery - Exhibitions

    Paintings, sculpture, jewelry, photography, tapestry… in our art gallery can be exhibited everything! And we can handle the sales if you want us to do it.

  • conferències xerrades

    Conferences and lectures

    Book presentations, art conferences, exhibition openings, relaxing concerts, dancing demonstrations, performances, artist presentations… At ICRA there is place for every kind of art, from literature and painting to music and dance!

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    Courses and private lessons

    We have a wide variety of courses for all ages: Drawing introduction, painting lessons, digital art, concept art, manga, etc. Stay tuned to the Blog and the News of our website to find out what we offer! We also offer private lessos for those who request them.

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    Art awards

    A job well done has to be rewarded and what better way than by giving a prize? Our Fantastic Drawing Annual Contest always gives rewards!

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    Relaxing courtyard

    Our stablishment has a welcoming and brighty courtyard, perfect for outdoor activities when the weather is warm. It also has a retractable covering for the hottest days. Possibility to hire for acts.

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    Studies and valuations

    We take advantage of our History and Paleontology education to investigate different objects such as stones suspicious to be fossils or ancient texts written in other languages. We also offer an external service of appraisal.

FAQs - More services

  • How can I exhibit my pieces at your showroom?
    First of all we need you to send us some photos of your work or a web link where we can see your work. If it matches th showroom criteria, we will contact you and will agree to the days you are going to expose.
  • How much cost to exhibit at your showroom? 
    To keep the space worthy of showing your works, we ask  50€ for each month you expose them. This money is intended to pay for the expenses of light, air conditioning or heating, wall painting and sales management. You must also leave a deposit that will be returned in full if the room has not suffered any damages. The deposit is 50€.
  • How long can I expose at your showroom? 
    The minimum time is 1 month. Each exhibition usually lasts between 1 and 2 months but if you want to extend it more, we can reach an agreement.
  • I would like to do an exhibition opening… Can I? 
    Absolutely. In fact, we highly recommend you to do it. During the openings, people are more likely to buy! In adition, there is the possibility to order a small assortment of meals or canapes. We will handle the tables and chairs (if they are needed).
  • I want to give an art’s lecture at your local. How can I do it? 
    We need a brif explanation of the topic you would like to discuss. After considering your proposal, we will contact you to agree on a day and an hour.
  • Should I bring materials for my lecture?
    Our room is fitted with tables and about twenty chairs. We also have got a board, a PC and a projector. If you think you may need something more, you can bring it to our local.
  • Who does the marketing?
    We handle everything that is free advertising through social networks and with a printed poster outside out local that announces the event. Printed flyers, cards or posters as well as paid ads in magazines or newspapers are responsibility of the client.
  • How do I know when and which courses are you offering?
    You need to check our Blog (Courses category) and you will find all the information about what we are offering. If you click  HERE  we will bring you there! Posts published before 2019 are not translated to english, but you can check the other languages. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • How do I register for a course?
    You only need to call, send an email or come see us. After asking your personal data you will be asked to leave a deposit to confirm the reservation. When you start the course,you will enjoy an assured place!
  • For what age range are mentioned the courses?
    You will find the minimum and maximum ages specified by clicking on the information of each course.