Today we are going to explain you one of our most FAQs: how we do the models of the extinct animals. You just need to keep reading!

Step 1:

We start with different ange drawings of the model. The pose of the sculpture may be adjusted during the elaboration progress.

Step 2:

The next step is to cut the polystyrene and create the main shapes of the model.  A metallic internal skeleton may be added if needed.

Step 3:

It is time to cover the polystyrene with a malleable material (like plastiline, monster clay, poxy grey or clay). In this step we add skin, scales or fur textures aswell.

Step 4:

After applying vaseline, we cover the model in silicone in order to create the mold. We protect this structure with hard resins before pouring or applying the poliurethane with brushes.

Step 5:

We remove the copy form the mold. The pieces come out separately and we attach them when they are cold.

Step 6:

After cleaning the copy the artificial fur or feathers may be added.

Step 7:

We just go ahead and paint it, paint it, paint it until we are satisfied with the final result. We use many techniques and tools in order to accomplish that: sponges, splashes, aerography, brushes, medium gels…

Step 8:

In this last step we add the glass eyes and some layers of protecting medium. Usually, at this point, the sculpture is finished but this time we were asked to create a muddy pond diorama.  Mixing river sand, paint and medium gel we created a muddy base for the sculpture and we partially covered it by epoxy resin. To add realism, we glued some artificial herbs in the pond. And thats it! Here we have the sculpture and the diorama finished!